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About Me

about us

Rescue is a lifestyle, a calling and a community of passionate individuals working toward a common goal. 

As rescuers, we all find beauty in the incomprehensible reality of Animal Welfare. We are simultaneously exhausted and hopeful. 


Our main goal as “Friends of Faye” is to offer support to our rescue community based on immediate need. 

Owner Retention - Local shelters are inundated with animals surrendered for a myriad of reasons, frequently as a last resort. Their owners, out of options. We plan to work alongside local rescues to provide committed temporary foster options, financial assistance for required Veterinary treatment or re-homing as a last resort to owner retention. 

Veterinary Assistance - The elephant always strategically plopped in the corner of every Rescuers living room, office and bedroom, is the mountain of vet bills. Our success is heavily dependent on donations and adoption fees to stay afloat. The animals that haunt us, and onslaught of messages from networkers to “save this dog from imminent death” weighs heavily all of us. We plan to assist in pulling in and vetting those “wishlist dogs”. The ones we are desperately wanting to save but need help raising funds for extensive veterinary care. 

Networking - We are surrounded by a plethora of high quality Rescue Teams. All exhibiting incredible strengths in our community, all with specific rules, preferences and procedures. Networking is currently “send a photo and horrific narrative to any rescue with a pulse”, without understanding of what each is able to facilitate. Our goal is to foster a collaborative community to network the “most fitting rescue”. Whether by size, medical need, breed, Heartworm status, etc - Rescue groups are drowning in requests (often demands) to take in every dog. 

Collaboration - our area is teaming with bleeding hearts, all rescuers. With that passion, comes strain within groups. We hope [not to sound too utopian] to build sustainable relationships between groups. 

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