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Faye's Story

Faye has captured hearts all over the world. For those who have not seen yet, this is her story!

On the afternoon of January 20, 2020, a midwife visiting a client drove past Faye, an emaciated dog scooting in circles on the side of the road. Headed to another client in labor, all she could do was post her picture on Facebook pleading for help, and oh did the community respond?

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, located in Virginia, saw her picture shared by local rescuers, and raced into action trying to find a way to help Faye. A volunteer was secured and drove 35 minutes to her location only to find Faye was gone! Fearing the worst, all hope was lost and it was assumed that Faye had crawled off to die or been picked up by a local and immediately "euthanized". Calls were frantically made to the sheriffs department and animal control and found that she had just been picked up by Montgomery County Animal Service.

Soon, an entire team of wonderful shelter employees, and volunteers came together and Faye was picked up and rushed to the Vergi, ER in Houston, Texas. 

Faye was in critical condition and her veterinarians were not  sure she would make it through the night. At a mere 39 lbs, Faye was severely underweight and re-feeding syndrome became a huge concern. After she was secured and safe, details began unfolding. Several stories emerged, all from different neighbors. We were unsure of which stories were true or false, but there are things we knew for certain. 

Faye had been spotted by neighbors in the WEEKS leading up to her rescue. Her owners allowed her to run at large, prompting neighbors to report them to animal control. Neighbors claim to have seen her and the other dogs in the family eating trash and even tearing apart a live goat in order to survive.    Unfortunately, nothing was done and Faye was soon found nearly lifeless in a pile of dirt after she was apparently hit by a car three weeks prior to her rescue. Faye was also shot multiple times. We now know Faye's fur family as "Finn" and heavily pregnant "Fern" who were both transported to Virginia and have since hit the adoption Jackpot, along with Fern's puppies. 

After being rushed to a new facility for an MRI to assess the spinal damage resulting in paralysis, it was discovered that Faye was pregnant! It was shocking to everyone involved given her physical state. The risk to terminate her pregnancy was far too severe, so we allowed nature to run its course at the suggestion of 2 Veterinarians.

After a week in the ER, thankfully Faye was stable enough to transport to her foster home. Faye suffered a miscarriage, which was later believed to have been a blessing, her body would not have been able to support a full term pregnancy. 

Faye underwent strict and consistent physical therapy after an MRI and CT ruled out surgical intervention. Her spine was broken between T-10 and T-11 vertebrae, and her spinal cord stretched. Being that Faye was not rescued until 3 weeks after sustaining spinal injuries, surgery was not the best option for Faye. Her team of neurologists, surgeons and physical therapists were all in agreement, that although she had feeling in her feet, she may never walk again. That is the day we really learned, Faye is a fighter! Faye had the will not only to live, but to make believers out of all of us. 


In the coming weeks, Faye's foster and her following of neighborhood kids made huge strides in her mobility. Faye was introduced to her first mortal enemy, her "Wheels" (Walkin' Wheels). Boy did she despise this mode of transportation. Her first try, we all cried as she ran down the street, not ever believing it could get better than this! Faye was running, with a constant scowl on her face. 


With consistent therapy, Faye began to build muscle and put on weight (now, 75# of pure muscle), and slowly but surely began to walk (hobble) and finally run. Her fosters's dubbed her their "drunk baby" - she ran with true spirit, and zero control. Faye did not care, she was running and playing with her foster family of 6!


When it finally came time for Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, VA to start filtering through adoption applications, it became very apparent that her foster family, seasoned rescuers, had become much more attached than they ever anticipated. Her strength and will to live had struck a cord. Then, the news came that Faye's 6,756 Facebook followers somehow, already knew was coming, even if her fosters hadn't realized - FAYE WAS ADOPTED, a foster fail, forever HOME!  

Faye has touched such a special place in our hearts, and she has clearly made an impact on "SSR Nation" as well.. ❤

We urge everyone to “See something, Say something”... foster for your local shelter, find a rescue group to support and save lives! Someone said something, did something... and Faye is alive because of a small gesture. We can be the change we want to see in the world.

Friend's of Faye was born from the love, support and kindness of so many Rescue Groups, Animal Welfare Advocates and volunteers. We hope to share Faye's strength through efforts in our community and beyond!

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